2016 Music Maker's Hack

This is a 2016 Hackintosh tower, optimised for music production, mixing and mastering.
This hack is the closest to my own personal Hackintosh computer which I use to produce music for my band, You're Only Massive.
It is designed to run quietly, with an emphasis on storage, with a large, fast hard drive.
The graphics card is in the midrange, but still powerful enough for most tasks.
Simply click through the links and add them to your Amazon basket!

Graphics Card:
The Power Supply:
Solid State Drive:
Hard Disk Drive:
DVD Burner:

Optional Extras:

You don't need to buy the following items right away in order to get your Hackintosh up and running.
Indeed, you may never need them.
But as the first few weeks you spend with your Hackintosh pass, you may find yourself pining for a Bluetooth connection, or a front facing SD card reader (my personal favourite extra).
For some, WiFi is an essential, but you probably won't be bringing this computer to a cafe, so I have made it an optional feature.

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