Hackintosh Berlin: Optimised......for Berlin.
These days, it seems like everybody wishes their Mac was a bit faster,
had more hard-drive space,
didn't get stuck with the beach-ball-of-death so often,
didn't take 3 hours to render a 10 minute film.

Many people have considered building a Hackintosh to improve their music studio, or editing suite.
After some searching around, they find many, many websites containing an overload of information, shopping lists and posts from poor souls who have lost their way.

Having decided that this is too much trouble, too risky, too time-consuming, they spend 2000 euro on a new Mac which will punt the beach-ball into the surf for another two years or so......
.....until it washes back ashore and the process begins again.

This is where Hackintosh Berlin comes in.
I have been building Hackintosh computers for the last five years.
On this site I have gathered parts lists for three different Hackintosh computers, each one optimised for music production, film editing and image creation.

These are all based on computers I have built myself, and have been tested and confirmed to run the latest version of OSX.

Check out the different lists, read the specifications, and feel free to compare the cost of purchasing the same build from Apple's official website.
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